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Why Virtual Perception?

Our websites deliver an unrivalled e-commerce experience, including excellent visual design, easy navigation, a carefully considered shopping cart and a secure online environment. We’ll provide all of the tools and functionality you’ll need to get the most out of your online sales.

Not all e-commerce sites require a simple shopping cart experience. We create enterprise-level custom websites because complex businesses need innovative solutions.

We work with Industry-leading, scalable e-commerce systems such as WooCommerce and Magento that manage intricate product offerings and transactions, ensuring your e-commerce site works in perfect sync with your business model.


We can adapt our e-commerce systems to work seamlessly to your business model, whether it be dropshipping, virtual products, or international sales – we’ve got you covered. Our eCommerce systems allow for in-house management, cover a wide range of payment systems, and are both scalable and secure.
Here’s a snapshot of just some of the features our eCommerce sites offer, that we feel give you an edge over the competition.

Anytime Anywhere

We ensure that your customers can place orders on any portable device at any time. Thanks to our responsive designs and thorough interoperability testing process, every e-commerce website we produce works seamlessly on mobile devices, so your customers are guaranteed an engaging experience every time they visit.

Reports & Analysis

Our platforms allow you to gain instant insight into the performance of your website and sales campaigns. Success is driven by data, which is why we provide minute-by-minute reporting, as well as for analytics on crucial aspects such as sales volumes, visitor statistics, sources of traffic, and conversion rates.

Flexible Shipping Models

New statistics are showing that a positive shipping experience is more vital than ever for retaining customers at the point of sale.

We provide flexible shipping models, supporting multiple carriers, which include instant direct courier quotes, International or UK only shipping, shipping charges based on preferred variables as well as options for free delivery.

SSL Security

All our e-commerce sites use 256-bit encryption via an SSL certificate, the standard in website security, so your customers will have peace of mind that their orders are placed in a safe environment. Where necessary, we are also able to develop sites using the latest PCI compliance standards for online credit card payments.

Powerful Searching

Provide your users with the option to search keywords across your whole website or via advanced filtering into categories. Then, refine product searches by ordering results by variables such as product name and price.

We also provide intelligent site navigation allowing for easy browsing by product grouping, with automated site navigation features including menu navigation and ‘breadcrumb trail’.

Custom Functionality

We can develop and code web applications to work seamlessly with your e-commerce site, allowing your site to perform a function and become a powerful tool in your business model. Web applications we’ve developed in the last year include: an e-commerce style quiz system with custom results via quiz logic, an Airbnb-style online booking system, custom drop shipping, multi-currency options, stock and order feeds, user login, custom user account messaging, video upload & review system and more.
We can also create outstanding B2B platforms, with a user-friendly shopping experience that’s intuitive and easy to navigate, mirroring elements of the B2C marketplace, helping you stand out from the competition and ensuring your platform is unique.


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How Our E-Commerce Website Process Works

Phase 1 - Plan
This is the very start of your project and arguably the most important stage. We will sit down and learn about your business and it's needs. What do you want the new website design to do? What pain points and gripes do you and your customers currently have that the new design needs to address. What are the main goals of the new website; more enquiries or sign-ups? This phase allows us to clearly identify the issues and validate the new designs against, we achieve this through interviews and analytical tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar that allow us to see where your visitors are entering the website and where they are dropping off and why they might be doing so as well as watching recordings of your visitors behaviour whilst on the website to highlight areas of improvement.
Phase 2 - Design
Your ecommerce site will be designed from scratch in Photoshop, to meet your specific requirements, in a truly collaborative process with one of our skilled in-house designers. We’ll assess key influencing factors such as your target audience and branding, whilst assessing aspects like colour palettes, competitor research and overall visual style, with the aim of finalising a design that perfectly complements your ecommerce objectives. The final pages will then be delivered to you for sign off, before development begins. 25% of the overall cost of the project is due at the beginning of this phase.
Phase 3 - Development
During this phase we’ll populate your ecommerce site with content and the functionality of the site will be fully developed. In cases where we are redesigning an existing website, we will migrate your existing content across to your new site and if copy-writing or new content is required, it will be developed at this stage. We’ll also be adding in your products and setting up shipping and payment capabilities.
Phase 4 - Population
This is the phase in which the website functionality is developed and content populated as outlined in the proposal. For Ecommerce websites, this means adding products, and set up of shipping and payment capabilities. In the case of website redesigns, content may be sourced from the previous site where applicable. If copywriting or new content is required, this will also be developed at this stage. 25% of the overall cost of the project is due at the beginning of this phase.
Phase 5 - Testing & Launch
Prior to launching your ecommerce site, we’ll be performing thorough testing, checking the functionality and overall integrity of the build to avoid running into any issues after launch. We’ll be initiating test transactions using various payment methods and clusters of products to ensure the process is working flawlessly across your site, and that your in-house operating systems are functioning correctly. There will be a heavy emphasis on website interoperability and mobile browser considerations to ensure your ecommerce site performs seamlessly across all portable devices with technology such as touch screen interfaces. Search engine optimisation will also be performed during this period if required and CMS training can be provided ahead of launch. The final 50% of payment is due at the end of this phase, and the project is signed off to go live.

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