Leave It To Leah

Leave It To Leah Overview

Leave It To Leah approached us, looking for a new logo and a flyer to be designed. Once a design for the logo was agreed, we then went on to create a flyer that would advertise their services. The flyers were printed and delivered to their door.

  • Logo Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Flyer Printing

Flyer Design & Printing

With Leah’s business being very local, they opted for a flyer that they could deliver to potential clients. They wanted to be able to list all their services along with having a brief description of the business.

After vital information was added and design completed, it was passed to one of our partners to be printed and delivered to their door. These flyers have since been distributed to many homes with a great response.

Logo Design

A logo is one of the essential pieces of a brand. Leah wanted it to stand out to their customers but have a homely feeling.

We worked closely with Leah to make sure this represented the brand the way they wanted it too. They were thrilled with the end product, and it’s received a fantastic response from their clients.

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