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How Our SEO Process Works

Phase 1 - Customers
The first and arguably the most important phase is to get to know your company and your online marketing requirements, what your goals are, and what you’re looking to achieve We take time to get to know your buyers – who they are, the content they engage with, what drives them to purchase, and how you can start reaching them effectively.
Phase 2 - Review
We audit your current site and SEO tactics to determine what you are currently doing right and what we need to do to improve your strategy. Once we’ve taken a look at your current strategy, we can assess where you are in regards to the competition, and what you need to do to compete.
Phase 3 - Plan
A well put together SMART plan is the corner stone of any online marketing campaign. We’ll establish a realistic & effective SEO strategy based on factors such as market competitiveness, and your business goals. Understanding what needs to be achieved, how we’re going to do so, and what the success metric is (rankings, ROI, conversions) is crucial to a successful ongoing marketing relationship.
Phase 4 - Action
We put our plan into action, using the strategy to inform our SEO activity on an ongoing basis, with regular reviews to ensure that you’re still in line with industry updates, search engine algorithm changes, and to allow for any shifts in business position/seasonal considerations. We implement all aspects of our SEO campaigns in-house, including PPC, Web, Content, and Social, to name a few. This cuts back on time wasted toing and froing between companies offering different services, and means we’re flexible enough to change up our approach.
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